Are Plug-in Hybrids Ideal For Long-distance Driving?


Every year more and more Plug-in hybrid cars are found on the roads all over Australia. Hence many prominent car manufacturers are designing better, more efficient models of hybrid vehicles to meet the growing demand worldwide. These vehicles have been in the market for many years, but before, they were quite expensive for regular folks to purchase.

But since Toyota released its first affordable Prius in 2000, hybrid cars have become all the rage. Many cost-conscious car buyers have chosen to use these vehicles in favour of environmental safety and for better fuel economy. But car buyers are still worried about whether these are ideal for long-distance driving. So in this article, we will be clearing that up and providing you with a way to sell your old car and purchase a reliable hybrid.

So What Exactly Are Hybrid Cars?

  • Hybrid vehicles are a blend of traditional gasoline-powered vehicles and electric cars. They have both combustion engines along with an electric motor which is used to power the vehicle.
  • These vehicles combine the positive features of both electric and gasoline cars to create better-performing vehicles. The fuel components allow the car to be refuelled quickly when the battery charge is low. Apart from powering the car, the electric component also reduces emissions and reduces the budget for fuel.
  • Currently, in the market, there are two main types of hybrid car designs. A parallel hybrid car has two separate systems for power which can work independently or together to power the car. A series hybrid design is a bit different; it uses the gasoline engine to turn a generator. This generator either charges the electric batteries or supplies power to the electric motor.
  • Hybrid vehicles, compared to regular cars, have a smaller gasoline engine. That is because the electric motor provides enough additional power to accelerate the car. Hybrid vehicles provide the same type of handling as any other powerful vehicle; they simply use a combination of electric and combustion systems to do so.
  • Another great feature of these vehicles is it uses regenerative energy to charge its batteries. When brakes are applied or when the car decelerates, the electric generator begins to charge the batteries while slowing down the car.
  • Since many car buyers choose hybrid vehicles because of their concern for the environment and fuel efficiency, that’s why most of these cars are designed to optimize gas mileage. Along with that, they also have aerodynamic designs make with lightweight materials to ensure the effectiveness of the concept.

Where Can You Drive Plug-in Hybrids Vehicle?

In the city

Yes! The city is an ideal location for driving hybrid cars. That is because plug-in Hybrids fuel efficiency actually improves when the vehicle slows down. As a result, it gives better gas mileage becasue lower speed and continuous braking in the city climate generates more electricity, and less gas is needed to power the car.

On long-distance road trips

You can have a comfortable long-distance drive in your plug-in hybrids car. Long-distance rides are where petrol and diesel tanks usually give their best performance, but if you are driving a hybrid, it will be like the best of two worlds.

These cars provide a more extended driving range as both battery and combustion engine works together to ensure that. Here, the battery is used to power the electric engine. The electric engine is recharged using the kinetic energy created during deceleration or braking, so you often don’t have to stop recharging it.

On the motorway

Driving hybrid cars on the motorway is an enjoyable experience. Because plug-in hybrids offer an automatic switching between different tractions, it makes the driving experience completely unique. Not only does it improves the driving range, but it also offers a lively pick-up because of the balance between traditional engines and electric motors.

Even if your battery is running low in the middle of the road, there is nothing to fear. The combustion engine will be automatically switched on and offer you a smooth ride.

Here Are Top 3 Affordable Plug-in Hybrids You Can Buy

1. Toyota Prius

It was the first mass-market hybrid vehicle. Though its body design remains the same as the original, its functionality has been improved tremendously over the years.

Starting price: $38,365

2. Hyundai Ioniq

Another hard to beat Hybrid in the market. This car offers the best fuel economy in its category and has an appealing price tag. It has a 1.6 litre 4-cylinder engine and an electric motor which gives combines to give a total of 139 horsepower.

Starting price: $35,140

3. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

This is the most preferred mainstream option for 3-row hybrid SUVs. This model is perfect for when you have a large family and want to save yourself from rising fuel costs.

All of the vehicles mentioned above offer excellent fuel economy and are perfect for taking on long routes. Now you are equipped with all the necessary information needed to choose the right Hybrid on your next road trip. Happy driving.

Returning Your Old Car For A Hybrid – Is A Good Idea!

Hybrid vehicles have so many benefits that there is no reason not to purchase them. But what should you do with your old car once you have made your mind to purchase a hybrid? We have a solution for you.

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