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Car Painting Vs. Car Wrapping

Car Painting Vs. Car Wrapping

The high-maintained vehicles have a good resale value in the market. To keep the automobiles maintained, regular care is important. Many people need more funds to upgrade and revamp their cars with the latest trends. Repainting or car wrapping is considered an easy route that is low on cost and easier to install.  

In case of any exterior damage, there are two options: car painting vs. Car wrapping to choose from. However, there are certain restrictions and limitations to each of them, and we will discuss every part of car painting vs. Car wrapping to help you make informed decisions.   

What is Car Painting?  

Car painting is completely repainting a vehicle to restore the damage using matching colors, shades and textures. Water-based acrylic paints are widely used and are one of the most popular Car paint options.   

What is Car Wrapping?  

Car wrapping is done using a custom vinyl wrap, which is applied to the original paint color of a vehicle. Some businesses use vinyl car wrap over the vehicles to place their logos to advertise their product or service. Car wraps are applied over the original car paint, protecting the vehicle’s body. A car wrap can even be used on leased vehicles as it can easily be removed.   

Car Painting Vs. Car Wrapping – Cost   

Car painting is significantly high in cost. The average price of repainting is around $ 5,000, which can get high up to $10,000. However, there are some low-quality paints available that can cost you as cheap as $1,000. But with low-quality paints, the desired results might not be achieved, and the exterior of the car will soon have blisters and patches all over.   

The cost of car wrap can vary from model to model and the type you want. Car wrapping costs $2500, and they can go as high as $5000. The price variance is mainly based on the finish you choose. Matte and stain finishes are much cheaper, while metallic and chrome are costly to produce and hence more expensive. When selecting car wrap, even the costlier ones come under the budget.   

Car Painting Vs. Car Wrapping – Available Colors   

When it comes to colors, car paints have limited options you can choose from. The colors manufactured are limited in variants and typically derived from the standard colors like the paint colors you’d find in home interiors. The car paints are not designed to make your vehicle outstanding, but they match most vehicle colors. One of the prime purposes of car painting is to fix the exterior damage of an automobile rather than create a statement with bold and vibrant colors.   

On the other hand, Car wrapping offers countless options to choose from. The vinyl wraps allow you to give your car’s exterior the look you want. There are bolder finishes like metallic, matte metallic, high gloss and glitter. If, after a few years, you are looking for a change again, car wraps can easily be pulled off. You can choose from a comprehensive range of options to transform your vehicle as per your choice.   

Car Painting Vs. Car Wrapping – Time Considerations  

Car paints usually do not dry instantly. Regardless of the type, car paints typically take several days to dry after the application process. With the longer time, they are not an instant option for those looking for a quick transformation. When choosing to paint your vehicle, you allow yourself to be without transportation for up to two weeks or more.   

Regarding Car wrapping, the complete transformation takes about 3-4 days. The duration of the car wrapping mainly depends on the areas to be wrapped. The larger areas usually require more time, but it will be within the bounded time of 3-4 days. If the vehicle is clean and in a good state, time is even more saved.   

Car Painting Vs. Car Wrapping – Durability  

Paints can fade easily and begin to chip more easily than car wraps. Since car paints are applied to the vehicle’s body directly, damage in one part can cause the entire vehicle to look unattractive. However, car wrapping is said to be durable as it works as a protective layer over the vehicle’s paint. High-quality vinyl wraps offer a long-lasting application that can also be safely removed.   

The life of the car wrap is highly affected by how long it has been left outside exposed to the sun, causing it to fade quickly. Paints can disappear just as swiftly and chips easier than the wraps tear. However, the general durability factor depends on how you care for the vehicle’s appearance. Paints and car wraps can both stay durable if maintained well.   

Car Painting Vs. Car Wrapping- Resale Value   

Maintaining the manufacturer’s original paint will keep the resale value intact. Painting your vehicle can be subject to a lower resale value if the buyers don’t like the color and are willing to purchase it in its current state. Removing the car paint is a challenge that needs time and money.   

On the other hand, car wrapping protects the body of the vehicle by working as a protective layer over the body. It doesn’t harm the exterior and can be pulled off if not needed. Therefore, car wrapping is suitable as it maintains the value of your vehicle.   


Having to choose between painting and car wrapping is becoming harder and more challenging than ever. The potential benefits that Car wrapping offers cannot be surpassed. Lower cost, less installation time, durability and resale value maintenance are some of the prominent advantages car wrapping offers.

Vehicle wrapping is a better alternative to painting when it comes to customizing your vehicle. One customer at a time, we are changing the way people sell their cars for cash in Hobart.