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Hobart Auto Removal Makes Car Wrecking Easy

The main aim of Car Wreckers Crabtree is to take your damaged, wrecked, unwanted, or decommissioned vehicle off your handWe take these vehicles and recover usable parts and sent the remaining metal to be recycled.

With our Cash for Cars services, you can sell your unwanted vehicle within a day. Our team of experts will pick your car from your assigned location and pay you to cash up to $9,999 immediately without any delay. Gone are the days of waiting months for the payment, with us you get paid instantly.

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Cash For Old Cars From Car Wreckers Crabtree


The following are the steps, to follow to get rid of your unwanted old car and earn cash up to $9,999 upfront

  1. You can call us or fill out the online form and give us the details of your car
  2. You will receive an on-the-spot quote.
  3. Schedule an inspection with us and set a date for the pickup
  4. Complete the necessary paperwork
  5. You get your cash, and we get your car.

Call Now! And sell your car within 24-hours.

All Types Of Vehicles Wreck By Us

We will take in your car no matter its make or model. As your one-stop solution for your car wrecking solutions.

We accept but are not limited to the following cars:

So call us now and get unrivaled prices for your junk or scrap cars

Cars In All Conditions Are Acceptable

At Car Wreckers Crabtree, we promise our customers a stress-free experience, that’s why our wrecking process is completely automated, we even provide free towing with just one call. All this and you get cash for cars Crabtree up to $9,999.

We take cars in various conditions:

It doesn’t matter how damaged your car is we will accept it in any form. We aim to provide our customers with the perfect solution for selling their car, at the same time help Tasmania stay free from dumped cars.

Give us a  call and book your appointment TODAY!

Why Are Car Wreckers Important?

Car Wrecking has become an increasingly important industry. Not just for the people, but for the environment as well.

  • Car wreckers recycle steel. Recycling this metal is a difficult task in its self and uses a large amount of energy, and releases toxic fumes into the air.
  • This helps save energy resources and most importantly natural resources.
  • Recycling steel is cheaper than manufacturing it.
  • This also helps to reduce the amount of scrap metal on landfills and empty plots.
  • Recycling helps to recirculate already manufactured steel.

We Carry Different Types Of Used Car Parts For Sale


Car Wreckers Crabtree is one of the leading car wreckers in Hobart, Tasmania, and a reliable name in the recycling industry.

We make sure to carry a large inventory of spare parts in all our branches. We get these parts from the scrap cars that come to us to be recycled. These parts are cleaned inspected and if need so repaired. And only then sold to the customers.

Within the inventory we carry, you can find many European, Japanese, American, and Korean brands.

Some of the parts we carry are:

Call us Today! And ask our customer service representative to look up your required part in our inventory.

Why select Hobart Auto Removal?

At Hobart Auto Removal, we pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide to our customers. And that’s why we are regarded as a dependable and honest company in the wrecking industry.

The following are some of the reasons we are Tasmania’s first choice

  • We take in all makes and models of cars
  • Obligation-free quotes available for all of our customers
  • We pay $9,999 highest cash in all Tasmania
  • We manage all the paperwork
  • Same-day pickup at any time of the day all over Crabtree
  • We provide an eco-friendly recycling service

So call us now and get a free quote.