Top 3 Tips For Selling Scrap Car For Cash

scrap car for cash

Scrap Car For Cash During COVID 19 in Hobart

When everyone is scared of corona it is the best time to sell a scrap car for cash to a place that is taking measurements of what is instructed by the government. Therefore, we feel like it is important to tell our customers what are we doing during this time and how you get cash for scrap cars from us. Contactless buying is the best option for now. Our tow truck drivers are keeping a safe distance while picking up your vehicle. For further safety, we can do bank transfer as well to avoid contact. Here are the top 3 reasons why we are the highest rated scrap car for cash buyers in HOBART.

  • We pay top cash for scrap cars
  • Our pickup service is on time and we take this seriously
  • Our rates are satisfying for our customers and it is a hassle-free service.

90% of cases we offer prices on email or phone that makes your life easy. In the rare case, we have to assess your car but we are keeping a safe distance with masks and gloves on for further protection.

The removal is still free and will remain free with Hobart auto removal. Also, you can keep your number plates and get some money back which will increase the overall value of the car. Does it sound great?

If yes then call now 0422272421 and sell your car! Find out more about our exciting price beat cash for cars Hobart offer.