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How to Sell an Accident-Damaged Car in Hobart Tasmania?

How To Sell An Accident-Damaged Car In Hobart Tasmania?

It is normal for a vehicle to undergo any minor or major damage, no matter how much care you take while driving. The intensity of the damage differs from situation to situation, and when it comes to selling your damaged car, the decision primarily depends on the damage caused to the vehicle. In some cases, repairing the car is the best alternative rather than selling it.

Selling an accident-damaged car can be very challenging, and it largely depends on the condition, information frame, make and model and repair history of the vehicle to get the best deal. Some cars, even after minor damage due to the accident, lose their worth too many folds and on the contrary, some vehicles are sold for the highest cash for unwanted cars Hobart even after being completely damaged. The valuation of the vehicle depends on factors like the car’s make, model and age.

If you have an accident damaged a car, find out the best ways to sell it for the best cash deals. This blog will cover all the prospective details on accident-damaged cars and the potential ways to remove them from your parking space in exchange for instant cash.

Ways To Sell Accident-damaged Car

  • Repair & Sell It

If the nature of the damage is minor, you should repair it and then sell it. Repairing the damage can help you claim good value for your car. Small damage like scratches, dents, broken side-view mirrors and malfunctioning music systems can be repaired cost-effectively. It is always better to take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic who can evaluate your car’s worth and provide you with the complete cost of the car’s repairs. If the cost of repairs doesn’t exceed the vehicle’s market value, it is always the best option to repair your car before selling it.

  • Sell Accident Damaged Car In Current State

This is the case when your vehicle is majorly damaged, and you know the repair cost will be much higher than the car’s current market value. It is wise to sell the vehicle in its current state rather than implanting heavy expenditures on its repairs. Damage to the engine & transmission system can lead to hefty repair costs, so the car must be sold off rather than replacing these complex systems.

The complex repairs are costly, and one must let the buyer tackle them in his way. The buyers of accident-damaged cars usually know how to get the vehicle fixed at a lower cost, saving them money.

  • Sell The Car To A Scrap Dealer

If your vehicle is completely damaged and declared unroadworthy, there is no point in keeping it in your parking space. Although the scrap car dealers usually pay much less than you expected for your automobile, scrapyards are the only route available for non-operational cars with no more useful years of life. The scrap cars will pay you money based on the weight of your vehicle rather than the value of the equipment and accessories installed in your accident-damaged car.

One of the significant benefits of selling the car to scrap dealers is the fast-paced process they offer. There is no long waiting to remove your damaged car from your premises, and the process is usually done within a day.

Tips For Selling Accident Damaged Car

Selling an accident-damaged vehicle comes with a certain complication. With the limited interest in buyers due to the excessive damage in the car, it is hard to convince them to sell and get good money from the transaction. However, the car seller must be transparent when selling accident-damaged vehicles. All the relevant details must be shared with the car buyer to sustain reliability and trust.

Here are some tips you can follow to sell your damaged car smoothly:

  • Be Honest

It is very important to be honest about the vehicle’s accident history. It is better to stay transparent about the vehicle’s history and not hide any major or minor mechanical or technical faults in the car. At the time of a deal, disclosing such matters can help the buyer build trust in you, and he might bring ease by paying a fair amount for your vehicle.

However, if you don’t disclose any history of damage and the buyer later finds out, he is in the state of taking legal action against the purchase.

  • Document Any Damage To The Vehicle

Selling a vehicle that has been in an accident without disclosing the damage can put you at risk of legal action from the buyer. If the person buys your car and later discovers it has been in an accident, you can end up bearing charges against the law.

To avoid getting webbed into the legal formalities, get a vehicle history report and keep track of any damage a vehicle has sustained. Give the car buyer a copy of this report to understand the relevant accident history of the vehicle and make an informed decision as per the choice.


Making an informed decision while selling your accident-damaged car is very important. Evaluate the process by thoroughly examining the vehicle’s condition, then decide whether to keep It after repairing or sell it for cash for cars Hobart.

Car dealers, individual Mazda car buyers, auto parts buyers and salvage yards are common platforms that buy and deal with such vehicles. However, their payment structure might vary from one another, and so does their acceptance rate.