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Practical Driving Assessment Test (PDA) Bookings | Driving Independence

Practical Driving Assessment Test (PDA) Bookings

A Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) is an important step for learner drivers aiming to transition to a provisional or full driver’s license in Tasmania. This assessment evaluates a driver’s ability to operate a vehicle safely and competently under various road conditions. Successfully passing a PDA is essential as it marks a significant milestone towards achieving driving independence, ensuring that all drivers on the road are well-prepared and knowledgeable.

What is PDA Booking?

PDA booking is the process through which you schedule your practical driving test. This can be done online, via phone, or in person, depending on your location and the type of vehicle you intend to drive. The system is designed to be user-friendly, allowing candidates to select their preferred date and time for taking the assessment.

How to Do PDA Test Booking

To book a PDA Test:

  • Visit the DoTDirect website or your local Department of Transport office.
  • Choose your preferred testing location and time.
  • Provide necessary personal information and your learner’s permit details.
  • Confirm and pay for your booking as required.

Charges for PDA Booking

The cost of booking a PDA varies based on the vehicle class and the type of assessment required. It’s essential to check the latest fees on the Transport Tasmania website to ensure you are prepared for the costs involved.

Why PDA Test is Important

Booking a PDA is crucial because it formally assesses your driving skills against standard criteria to ensure you are road-ready. It’s a regulatory step to prevent unqualified drivers from being on the road, thereby enhancing road safety for everyone.

Eligibility for PDA Test

To be eligible for a PDA, you must:

  • Hold a valid learner’s permit.
  • Have completed the required minimum hours of supervised driving.
  • Meet any additional criteria specific to the class of license you are applying for.

System/Criteria of PDA Booking

The PDA booking system allows bookings up to six months in advance but requires users to adhere to certain criteria:

  • Bookings must be managed via DoTDirect for learner permit holders.
  • Certain vehicle classes, such as heavy vehicles, have specific booking procedures.

How is the PDA Test Conducted?

During a PDA, you will be assessed on your ability to safely handle a vehicle, obey road rules, and react to real-world driving situations. The assessor will direct you through a pre-defined route and evaluate your driving skills accordingly.

What Information You Need to Add for a PDA

When booking a PDA, you’ll need to provide:

  1. Your full name and date of birth.
  2. Contact information.
  3. Learner permit details.
  4. Preferred test location and date.

How the PDA Test System Works

The PDA test system is designed to efficiently evaluate your driving skills through a standardized assessment, ensuring that all candidates meet the necessary safety standards before being issued a driver’s license.

PDA Booking for Different Types of Automobiles

Different types of vehicles require different classes of licenses and thus different PDAs. Whether you’re driving a car, motorcycle, or a heavy vehicle, ensure you book the correct PDA for your vehicle class.

Cancelling or Rescheduling Your PDA

Tasmania’s transport authorities offer the flexibility to cancel or reschedule your Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) to accommodate changes in your schedule or readiness.

Notice Requirement: Give more than two full business days’ notice to avoid charges for your original booking. Note that business days do not include public holidays or weekends.

Managing Your Booking: Update your PDA details through the DoTDirect portal, accessible for all metropolitan Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) centers and most regional sites.

Cancellation Conditions:

Late Arrival or No Show: Your test will be cancelled if you’re late or fail to appear.

Vehicle Non-compliance: A test will be cancelled if your vehicle isn’t licensed, roadworthy, or if the logbook isn’t properly completed and signed.

Rebooking: If your test is cancelled, you’ll need to rebook and pay for another PDA.

Post-Failure Waiting Period: There’s a seven-day mandatory waiting period to rebook after a failed PDA, allowing time for additional preparation.

Who Can Book a PDA for You?

Understanding who can book your PDA is key to managing your driving assessment properly.

Booking Authorization: You can book your own PDA or authorize your driving instructor to do so with your consent, ensuring control over your personal information.

No Additional Fees: Booking fees are standardized; no extra charges should be applied by third parties.

Restrictions on Online Booking

Not all PDAs can be booked online, particularly for certain vehicle classes or under specific conditions:

Special Vehicle Classes: Heavy Combination (HC), Multi Combination (MC), and Heavy Rigid (HR) classes must be booked with an approved provider.

Senior Licence Renewals: Individuals over 85 must book in person.

Special Circumstances: Online bookings aren’t available for those with certain medical conditions, expired overseas licences, extraordinary licence applications, or those modifying licence conditions.


Successfully managing your Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) in Tasmania is key to gaining driving independence. Understanding how to book, modify, or properly handle cancellations and specific conditions for different booking methods ensures a smooth process. Make sure to prepare your vehicle, arrive on time, and adjust your bookings early to avoid penalties. By adhering to these guidelines, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the road to obtaining or upgrading your driver’s license, paving the way for a safe and confident driving experience in Tasmania.