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The Most Common Causes Of Engine Failure

Engine Failure

It is well said that the engine is the heart of a functioning car. Any minor engine inconvenience can impact the entire vehicle’s running.   

Diagnosing a fault in the engine can be rough, and getting it repaired is even harder. However, only some engine problems are severe and can be remedied instantly. But, in the worst scenarios, there are many problems that cause engine failure.  

 If the engine of your automobile has failed and the cost of repairing it exceeds the market value of your vehicle, then sell it off for instant cash for cars Hobart.   

To avoid vehicle engine failure, we have compiled the most common factors responsible for this illness. The vehicle’s owner must know about the potential reasons that have caused the engine to fail.   

Causes Of Engine Failure

  • Overheating   

If an engine keeps overheating consistently, it will eventually result in a major engine repair. The most common reasons for an engine overheating may be a coolant leak from a radiator or hose, a bad thermostat or a faulty cooling fan.  

It is to ensure that the cooling system is working fine and per the automaker’s guidelines for coolant flushes. It will help you prevent your vehicle from combating engine failure.   

  • Inappropriate Lubrication   

One of the crucial causes of engine failure is improper lubrication or low levels of engine oil than recommended. The defective oil pump and wear & tear due to high mileage can be subject to the lower engine oil level.   

Lack of engine oil causes unnecessary friction inside the engine, which leads to overheating, and the engine can get seized up. The vehicle owner must get their engine properly lubricated at appropriate levels to avoid the major issues of engine failure.   

  • Detonation  

Detonation results from inappropriate combustion in the engine responsible for producing large amounts of heat and pressure in the combustion chamber. Auto experts believe that the loss of the exhaust gas recirculation system is the major reason behind detonation.   

Other common issues like bad fuel, improper ignition timing, off-beam spark plug gaps and high engine operating temperature can cause the detonation. If you come across any of these signals in your vehicle, you must get it checked by an auto expert to diagnose the problem early to stay protected from major engine failure.   

  • Wrong Fueling   

Wrong fueling is putting the wrong fuel in the car fuel tank. This means that a person has filled the diesel in the petrol vehicle or petrol in the diesel vehicle. In both states, you must face major consequences, and one of them is engine failure.   

The vehicles must be treated according to the guidelines prescribed in the car manual. These recommendations demonstrate an accurate pattern of the different aspects of the vehicle that ensure long life and reliability.   

  • Oil Deposits and Debris   

Old, dirty oil has the tendency to leave deposits on the engine fittings, such as valves, spark plugs and combustion chambers. If the vehicle is serviced regularly, the engine oil can be filtered during the service to avoid debris clogging up the engine components.   

However, if the automobile is not serviced periodically, these minor deposits and debris can accumulate to cause severe engine failure. Therefore, the engine must get filtered to remove all the contamination.   

  • Miassembly of the Engine   

When the engines are often rebuilt or re-assembled, there are potential chances of human errors like under or over-torqued bolts, failure in lubricating and cleaning parts, improper sealing, or timing belt misalignment, which can cause severe problems to the engine. In such cases, the engine can be under excess stress, resulting in the wear and tear of various engine components.   

Therefore, if you have a new engine or one that has recently undergone major engine service, you can only have your engine bought or serviced by a reputed garage or trusted mechanic. It can prevent your vehicle from collapsing due to engine failure.   


To avoid problems like engine failure, the car owner must follow the protocols that car manufacturers have set to maximize the efficient performance of their automobile.   

Get your vehicle serviced regularly by a renowned and trusted mechanic. If you think your car’s engine cannot be restored to perform better and will keep dragging you into minor repairing issues, you can have us on board to sell your automobile for instant cash for cars Hobart.   

 Learn these common factors that cause engine failure, and don’t ignore any minor engine issue, as it becomes major in no time.