Tips for buying a car from a private seller

buying a car

Buying a car is often a big decision especially when you decide to buy a used car from a private seller. It requires vigilance and caution. There are many things that you need to check before entering into a final deal. Here are a few tips for buying a car from a private seller.

Make a Thorough Research Before Buying a Car

Once you have allocated the budget for buying a car then make a thorough research on what you want to buy. If you have skipped the dealership and going for the private seller, then select the forum you can have a car wherefrom. There are a lot of forums or resources available online and offline that can help you buy a used car.

Make a Price Comparison

Once you find the used car you are interested in then make a thorough comparison of prices of different cars of the same make and model. For this, there are many forums like Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds. But before you consult for comparison, check the asking price of a private seller. When a fair market value is ascertained of the make and model of your favourite used car then you come to know that the price asked for is fair or not. So the process of negotiation becomes easier and to the point.

Vehicle History Report of the Selected Car

The car that you have selected is an appropriate one or not can only be known when you gather information about the car. First of all, after depositing the official fee, you can get the vehicle history report through which you can come to know any hidden issue with the vehicle. The report consists of much useful information like accident history, any damage, title, lien and service histories. You can also get the report by entering Vehicle Identification number on the websites. But it is also to be noted that the vehicle history report does not have the whole history of everything that your selected car has gone through.

Regular maintenance Record

Though it is not compulsory that the owners of vehicles could have the maintenance record yet mostly it is recommended by the manufacturers to keep this record. This shows that how many times the owner of the vehicle has maintained the record. So as a formality you must ask for the car maintenance record.

Put the Seller to Direct Questions

Direct asking of the questions to the seller can allay many of your doubts. The question also brings more clarity.  Sometimes it happens that vehicle history record does not show the true or full picture of the used car, so in this case, you can bring out much new information through questioning the seller.

Here are a few basic questions that you must ask from the seller before you enter into a purchase contract:

Does this vehicle belong to you?

By asking this question you ascertain the ownership of the used car.

How many times the seller has maintained the car?

It shows that the seller was regularly repairing the car or not. If yes, then the seller will tell the details of repairs and/or of any maintenance required.

Has there been any accident in the car?

By asking this you can inquire about the health of the car. If the car has undergone some major accident, then the price of the vehicle will automatically fall down. The major accident also tells the real condition the vehicle

Has there been any lien on the vehicle?

Most of the time lien record is visible in the vehicle history record but in case it does not show up there then this question leads to get the truth. But lien records can also be checked by entering the VIN on the specific websites. So if there is any loan on the vehicle still pending then this is the sole responsibility of the seller to get the lien clear and then sell the car.

What about the recalls on the vehicle?

Recall can be checked through the website of National Highways and if there is any recall then it is incumbent on the seller to clear any such recall. Also, check that the vehicle has been repaired properly.

Does the car need some repair?

This is very important that you ask this question and sell must answer this question with Fairness so that the buyer may be saved from any major happening. Aske everything about engine, body, emissions, electric installations etc.

Drive the car before you buy it

It is also very important that you test drive the car before entering into any contract so that you could have a fair idea about its drive or any noticeable fault. Check suspension, brakes, engine, gears etc. it gives a fair idea about many things regarding the car.

Take it for Inspection, Finally

Ask for time to get the car inspected by the car mechanic or expert so that you could know about the car with the expert opinion. This helps you understand the pros and cons of your car and eventually helps in the following procedures. You will have full knowledge of your car yourself this way If satisfied, then go ahead with the purchase.

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