Top 6 Symptoms You Used the Wrong Transmission Fluid


The transmission of your vehicle let you ride on the road. The power from your engine is transferred to your wheels through your transmission (gearbox) system. It’s also what gives you a smooth ride along the road. Your transmission system requires fluid to work properly. However, using the wrong transmission fluid on your car might cause issues with its performance. Here are the top 6 symptoms your car will show after you use the wrong transmission fluid.

Transmission Fluid Types

Transmission Fluid lubricates the moving components of an automatic gearbox and provides hydraulic pressure and friction to make the internal parts operate.

Both automatic and manual transmission fluid aids in the cooling of the gearbox when shifting gears that allows it to change the gear without damaging its components. It’s really important to understand what type of transmission you have and what type of fluid it requires. You can also check your owner’s manual or take advice from an expert mechanic.

  • Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)

An automatic transmission, also known as an auto, self-shifting transmission replaces the friction clutch with a fluid coupling, which allows for gear changes by hydraulically locking and unlocking a series of planetary or epicyclic gears. These systems feature a predetermined gear range.

Lubrication, cooling, and clutch application are all functions of this fluid in the ATF. Lubrication helps to create less friction while the vehicle is running. It also connects the engine’s power to the transmission via a torque converter, which is a hydraulic coupling.

ATF is an extremely versatile fluid, which is why keeping it clean is so important for the longevity of your transmission. It’s also used in certain newer manual transmission vehicles.

  • Manual Transmission Fluid

A manual transmission has a fixed number of gears, and the driver selects the gear ratio they require.

Transmission fluid lubricates the bearings and metal components within a manual transmission to prevent them from grinding down while the vehicle moves. It also helps in preventing corrosion.

  • Continuous Variable Transmission Fluid (CVTF)

Continuously Variable Transmission, often known as a single-speed transmission, steeples transmission, or pulley transmission. The car is driven using a CVT system that does not have a set of gears but a pair of pulleys. The engine is connected to one pulley, while the wheels are connected to the other. The two pulleys are connected by a flexible belt.

The CVT can effortlessly shift over a wide variety of effective gear ratios. Because of the CVT’s flexibility, the input shaft may maintain a constant angular velocity.

The sole difference between CVT fluid and other fluids is that CVT fluid must create more fiction rather than less fiction. Friction modifiers in this fluid help the belts to grasp the pulleys.

What If I Used the Wrong Transmission Fluid?

To avoid serious mechanical breakdowns, take your vehicle to a transmission maintenance professional right away if you notice any of the following red flags.

  • Strange noise from Engine

If your engine makes a strange clunking or grinding noise, it could be a sign that you’re using the wrong transmission fluid, causing your system’s components to rub together.

  • Car Stalls with Gear Shifting

The car stalls mostly with manual transmission due to a bad mixture of transmission fluid or when you put a wrong transmission fluid.

  • Gear Will Slip

Slipping gears can be caused by a variety of factors, but if it occurs after changing your fluid, it could be due to using the incorrect transmission fluid.

  • Locked Clutch

Using the incorrect fluid might cause your synchronizer rings to prematurely fail. The transmission cannot shift normally without the synchronizer rings. You’re either going to grind the gears or not shifting at all. You’ll need to double-clutch because you will notice the clutch system lock up.

  • Rough Shifting Gear

It will be difficult to shift gears if you use the wrong transmission fluid. You’ll hear a strange noise coming from your hood.

  • Gears Won’t Shift

If you won’t be able to shift the gears (same as difficulty shifting gears), the wrong transmission fluid is to blame.

What Should You Do If You Discover You’ve Used the Wrong Transmission Fluid?

Having to discover that you have used the wrong transmission fluid is really important if you discovered it before causing any more damage to the transmission system.

  • Pullover the car – If you find any of the above symptoms, pull over the car and call a mechanic.
  • Do not drive your car – Your car may still be able to drive and won’t stall depending on how many miles you’ve driven with the incorrect fluid. But keep in mind that the harder you push your car, the more harm you’ll do to your system.
  • Tow your car – It is best to request a towing service for your car to the nearest mechanic shop to avoid further damage.

After you followed the above steps, the mechanic will start its work.

  • Transmission Fluid Flushing

A transmission fluid flush involves using a cooler line flush machine or a pump inlet flush machine to remove all of the old fluid from your transmission and then add new transmission fluid.

  • Change of Transmission System (Transmission Servicing)

The transmission fluid pan is emptied, and the filter is changed during a transmission change. Unfortunately, transmission servicing does not always remove all of the transmission fluid from the vehicle; in fact, up to half of the old fluid might often be left behind. As a result, it has a chance of new transmission fluid being contaminated with the old one causing damage to the transmission system in the future.

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